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Phase 1

  • 🚀   Core Development
  • 🚀   Begin Poocoin ad campaign
  • 🚀   NEWDOGE Launch
  • 🚀   Add 50BNB Liquidity to PancakeSwap
  • 🚀   Liquidity Locked for 2.5 yrs
  • 🚀   Build Mod & Admin Team
  • 🚀   DOXX Team
  • 🚀   Airdrop for 1,000,000 NEWDOGE
  • 🚀   10,000 Telegram Members
  • 🚀   10,000 Twitter Followers
  • 🚀   Take 1st Place on Crypto Moon Watch
  •     $500,000 Market Cap

Phase 2

  • 🚀   Full Audit Completed by TechRate
  • 🚀   Launch $10,000 Airdrop Referral Program
  • 🚀   Increase Marketing
  • 🚀   Expand Mod & Admin Team
  • 🚀   Coin Gecko Application
  •     Coin Gecko Live
  • 🚀   Coin Market Cap Application
  •     Coin Market Cap Live
  •     25,000 Telegram Members
  •     25,000 Twitter Followers
  •     $5,000,000 Market Cap

Phase 3

  •     First CEX Listing
  •     Add Doge Swap w/Bridge & Fiat
  •     Add Staking & Liquidity Program
  •     Community Vote for Future Initiatives
  •     1st Major Influencer
  •     Expand Global Dev Team
  •     Expand Global Partnerships
  •     50,000 Telegram Members
  •     50,000 Twitter Followers
  •     $25,000,000 Market Cap

Phase 4

  •     Additional Exchanges Listings
  •     Launch NEWDOGE Wallet App
  •     NEWDOGE Credit Card
  •     Celebrity Endorsements
  •     Listing on KuCoin
  •     Launch Sister Token
  •     100,000 Telegram Members
  •     100,000 Twitter Followers
  •     $100,000,000 Market Cap
  •     Listing on Binance
  •     Both creators will get their first Tattoo ever w/NEWDOGE logo once listed on Binance

Featured & Listed on

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Crypto Moon Watch
1st Place

Crypto Moon Watch

Early Gems
1st Place


The best place to buy NEWDOGE is on PancakeSwap but we can also be found on the following exchanges... with many more to come soon.

More to come soon...


NEWDOGE has one purpose.  To be the currency chosen by the people for the future of the people.  Our mission is to build the coolest community on the planet, get listed on every exchange and become the worlds most popular currency.   We can make this happen.  The DOGE family has already shown the world what we are capable of.  Now is the time we take this to the next level.  Whatever we decide to do as a community we will do moving forward.   The future of the NEWDOGE ecosystem will contain a suite of integrations currently in development including an NFT Marketplace, an online merchandise shop and our very own SWAP exchange with the NEWDOGE Token at the center of it all. We are a 100% community driven project with a truly fair launch.   If you would like to be a moderator or admin just reach out to us on Telegram or by email. To keep this as fair as possible; no one will ever be able to mine NEWDOGE giving them the advantage to stack bags.  We will be THE CURRENCY OF THE FUTURE chosen by the people.



We have created NEWDOGE (DOGE 2.0) for the entire DOGE Family and we can all get in early! If you missed getting in early with the massive gains from DOGE, SHIBA & AKITA then don't worry because you are still early for NEWDOGE! We love DOGE but there is one major problem! MORE DOGE CAN BE MADE AT ANY TIME!!! When this happens, which it will, we just have no clue when... it will decrease the value of all the other DOGE in circulation hurting all current DOGE holders. This adds unwanted risk to all DOGE holders. Even ELON agrees this is a problem with DOGE. With NEWDOGE we have a Max Cap Supply eliminating this major problem. This is what drives up the price of BITCOIN making it so valuable... there is only 21,000,000 bitcoin and no more will ever be created! This adds major value. This is why we are moving funds to crypto vs fiat because just like with USD the federal reserve is constantly printing money which only makes the current USD value go down. If you love DOGE then we know you have added some SHIBA INU (SHIB) & AKITA INU (AKITA) to your bags as well. There is only one major problem with SHIB & AKITA... It's that they are built on the Ethereum Blockchain making transactions very expensive! This is why we have built NEWDOGE on the Binance Smart Chain... with BNB swap gas fees costing less than $0.25 usd vs ETH swap gas fees costing $50-$100usd, and who knows in the future how much with ETH just now breaking well above $4,000. Buy some NEWDOGE today for hardly any gas fees at all!

Added 6/28/2021
Guys this is easy math and a simple strategy.... We are at $200,000 Market Cap right now.... we can easily get to $2,000,000 Market Cap....(10x)...... then we can get to $20,000,000 Market Cap..... (100x) is $100,000,000 Market Cap...... (500x)....... We can go even higher...... $200,000,000 Market Cap...... (1000x)........ If we want to take over the old original DOGE they are at $33,221,000,000 Market Cap.....(166,105x)........ Crypto is only going to get bigger over time; no question!!!! ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS BUY AND HOLD NEWDOGE... THEN BUY MORE EVERY WEEK/MONTH.... HOLD... DON'T SELL.... TELL OTHERS TO JOIN BUY/HOLD.... THIS IS THE STRATEGY...... then as we grow over time we will be burning half of the supply to make NEWDOGE even more valuable! Then NEWDOGE will be what you can use to pay for whatever you want in life. Retire a NEWDOGE Millionaire! All we do is come together and make this happen. This is the most solid strategy in crypto. We are in early. Tell everyone you know to buy now!!!!.

We are a 100% Decentralized Token with the goal to build enormous wealth to everyone involved in our community. Simply put, we are constantly working to build a strong community that wants to work together to help each other make money that is not controlled by the banksters.

How to Buy

A quick guide on how to setup your wallet to be able to purchase NEWDOGE

It takes a few steps to buy some NEWDOGE but well worth it for the opportunity to buy early on before we start listing on more exchanges and list on more websites. The more exchanges we are on the more people will buy driving up the price; so BUY NOW. If you are struggling reach out to us on Telegram.

1. Download and install the MetaMask Wallet

Once you have installed Metamask it will ask you if you are "New to Metamask". Click the "Create a Wallet" button.

2. Add the Binance Smart Chain Mainnet Network to MetaMask

If you prefer to watch a quick video you can click below:
MetaMask browser extension             MetaMask mobile app

3. Add the NEWDOGE Token: 0x94618ffb2153d4a52ce1e8d00e72de676576bd6a

4. Send Smart Chain BNB to your MetaMask wallet

There are multiple ways to send BNB to MetaMask. Most use an exchange to buy BNB then send it to MetaMask. It can be tricky as there are 2 different BNB Tokens. You need to make sure it's BNB Smart Chain as this is what is used for your gas fee on PancakeSwap. You can Swap any token on PancakeSwap for NEWDOGE but you must have a little amount of BNB Smart Chain in your wallet to do the swap. If you are having trouble converting your BNB (Binance Chain Tokens) to BNB (Binance Smart Chain Tokens) you can use send your BNB to a Binance Wallet and then send them from there to your MetaMask Wallet and it will automatically convert your BNB Tokens to BNB Smart Chain Tokens

5. Swap your BNB or other crypto for NEWDOGE

Now you are ready to go and can swap your BNB or other crypto for NEWDOGE. Once done, you will see NEWDOGE in your MetaMask Wallet.

(*As of now 5/15/21 the NEWDOGE logo will not show up until we get more trading volume.)


1,000,000,000,000,000 Tokens Created

This is the capped total supply of NEWDOGE that will ever exist.

50% of token supply burned over the next 25 years

500,000,000,000,000 Scheduled Burn

Following the path of the Shiba Inu & Akita Inu, half of the NEWDOGE token supply will be burned. The major difference is instead of giving the tokens to a wallet owned by Vitalik Buterin to "burn", NEWDOGE will be doing a SCHEDULED TRUE BURN, eliminating tokens on a monthly and annual basis. The value of doing this is 2 fold. First it makes it harder for whales to effect the price by selling when half of the supply is in the BURN WALLET. By burning half of the supply it makes it more difficult for the price to drop as much when a whale decides to sell as 50% of the supply is not available to the public. 2nd... by burning on a monthly and annual basis this will lower the circulating supply and make all NEWDOGE tokens more valuable since there will be less available on the market and over time.

50% of token supply in PancakeSwap liquidity pool.

500,000,000,000,000 Max Circulating Supply

Half of the NEWDOGE token supply was immediately paired with WBNB then added to PancakeSwap and liquidity tokens were collected. The initial liquidity will be locked for 2.5 years. 10% will be unlocked quarterly and used to fund continued development. The dev team will be in regular communication with the community to determine the best way to utilize these funds.

Burn Schedule

As mentioned, we have moved 50% of all NEWDOGE to a wallet where we will follow the TRUE Burn Schedule you see here. Burning NEWDOGE over time, removing portions from the total circulation forever, will make made all the NEWDOGE in circulation more valuable

USD is constantly being printed at alarming rates. Doing so, lowers the value of the United States Dollar. Imagine the reverse. If USD was burned on a regular basis this would make the US Dollar more rare, so if the USD you have would be worth more money. This is the strategy behind burning NEWDOGE once a month and then having one big burn annually. This is a much better strategy than making the rich way richer by giving away half the bag upon crypto creation to someone who is already a billionaire, this is not a TRUE Burn (Update 5/12/2021 - Vitalik Buterin SOLD the "BURN"). Instead, increase the value of all NEWDOGE in circulation over time making it much more valuable by decreasing the supply. Do not worry, to be clear the burn does not come from your supply, it will all come from the NEWDOGE BURN WALLET

Monthly Burn


This takes place on the 1st of each month

By doing this on a monthly basis it will help make NEWDOGE more valuable. The first ever burn will be on June 1st, 2021 and the last burn will take place on May 1st, 2046.

Annual Burn


This takes place every year on 4/20

What other day would work to celebrate a big burn? This will be the time that all the NEWDOGE Family can celebrate and look forward to each year.


What makes us different than the original DOGE Coin

The # 1 biggest improvement is that we have a limited supply. By having a limited supply (like bitcoin) this ensures that no one can just create more when they want. The biggest problem with all Fiat currencies is that at any time more can be printed which only drives down the value. By having a limited supply this ensures that our price will not decrease because more are generated.

What is a burn and what is its purpose

A burn is where tokens are removed from the maximum supply. By doing so this raises the value of all other NEWDOGE in circulation. By having a maximum supply and then burning it makes the current tokens held by the community more valuable. You can read in more detail here: BURN BENEFITS

What is NEWDOGE?

Think of NEWDOGE as a fair universal currency for the people. Everywhere. It is not a meme currency like Doge, Shiba, Akita or Cardano. This is a real project created and released to the community for us to grow together.

Was there a presale?

No. We want everyone to be able to buy coins at the same time. With a presale that would allow people to load their bags early which they could then dump later on. By releasing all the available tokens at the same time this allows for a truly fair crypto.

Where can I get NEWDOGE?

The PancakeSwap link is here: PancakeSwap.
The contract address is: 0x94618ffb2153d4a52ce1e8d00e72de676576bd6a



Some of our community have approached us to ask if there is any way to donate to the development team. You can voluntarily contribute to this address. It's a multi coin wallet just let us know on Telegram or by email that you made the donation.

Disclaimer: The information provided shall not in any way constitute a recommendation as to whether you should invest in any product discussed. NEWDOGE accepts no liability for any loss occasioned to any person acting or refraining from action as a result of any material provided or published